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Day 139 Great birdlife

Wednesday 26 February

Goat Pass Hut to Bealey Hotel

Start 8.30am

Finish 6.15 pm

Distance 16km

Total 2,179km

Steps 29,294

Elevation Up 300m, down 500m

Weather: sunny with some high cloud

We have been so incredibly fortunate with the weather. Three lovely days, which were preceded by a heavy rain warning, and there is another weather watch coming.

NZ Bush Giant Dragonfly (kapokapowai)

Today was a much easier trail, with actual track for a large part of it.

Denise must have some bird attracting pheromones because it was a bonanza of bird life. We could hear kea, and then one flew into the tree above us and entertained us for a while. Then came the South Island Tomtit (Ngirungiru). I have seen a few in the last couple of weeks, however this one stayed with us and wasn't shy at all. The Bellbirds (Korimako) sang for us, and the Piwakawaka and Toutouwai were their usual friendly selves. It was bird heaven. There are Whio (Blue Duck) in the area but didn't see any.


South Island Tomtit

A NZ Bush Giant Dragonfly (kapokapowai) flew in front of me at one point and kindly landed on a rock patiently posing for me as I took a macro photo of it. I think it thought it was well camouflaged on the rock and I couldn't see him. It was huge.

We had a few river crossings which were very easy, and we arrived at Bealey hotel in plenty of time to get a meal of proper food. Catering on this section was less than lovely. Hint: don't do freeze dry Carbonara - it is awful even with lots of added cheese.

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