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Day 138 Huge boulders and waterfalls

Tuesday 25 February Deception River campsite to Goats Pass Hut Start 9.15am Finish 7.25 pm Distance 5km Total 2164km Steps 13,854 Elevation approx 500m Weather: beautiful and sunny Today was the most leisurely day I think I have had to date. The terrain was for the most part large boulders and river walking. What I love. It is challenging, don't get me wrong, particularly if this is the first section you have done. Sorry Denise. That said, she was incredible, never complaining and she just kept going. And she says she is loving it. Yay.

It was amazingly beautiful - the water crystal clear, the rata in full bloom, high barren peaks, waterfalls, rich blue sky and the sound of kea from time to time. Magic once again and hundreds of photo opportunities.

We are at a hut tonight. Lots of people here. About half are TA northbound and half just doing this section. I'm the only TA southbound. A crowded hut is not my ideal but there is nowhere for tents and it does make tomorrow morning easier.

This morning was very cold and lots of dew and condensation, making the tents particularly heavy until we could dry them out at lunch.

I have just been trying some more night photography and managed to catch a falling star. Either that or a fast moving satellite. I am looking forward to Lake Tekapo where the night sky is one of the darkest (no light pollution), in the world.

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