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Day 137 Denise on the trail

Monday 24 February

Morrison Bridge to campsite next to Deception River

Start 11.55am

Finish 7.30 pm

Distance 8km

Total 2158km

Steps 17,117

Elelevation 200m

Weather: sunny with some clouds

It was a very leisurely day for me today as Denise was finding her rock clambering, river crossing, pack carrying legs. It is so lovely to have her with me and catch up on our respective lives. Denise lives in London and I really appreciate the huge effort she has made to see me on the trail.

Stunning Rata

I picked up the shuttle that Denise was on and we were dropped off at Morrison Bridge by 11.20am. We repacked Denise's pack to ensure everything was inside the pack liner and the weight better distributed.

!!!! A break in the flow of writing to say we just heard two Kiwi calling to each other not far from where we are camped! Bloody brilliant. Just opened the tent door flap and I will sleep with it open just in case. That has absolutely made my day. I am so glad I went to Kapiti Island otherwise I would have assumed they were weka.

Right, back to where I was...we set off and made our first crossing of Deception River. It was completely fine. Mid thigh and swift but much easier than Taramakau River.

Denise on Morrison Bridge.

During the afternoon we crossed about a dozen side streams and the river a couple more times. As we go up river the crossings are getting easier as the amount of water decreases. It has been so much easier than I expected. The valley is quite wide so we aren't actually walking in the river that much, and it is pretty well marked. Despite this I did manage to sit down in the river unintentionally, as I was skirting around a large rock on the side. Really not sure how I managed it, and it gave Denise a laugh. Only damage was to my pride and once again the chocolate in my snack pouch.

There was one incredible 100m waterfall that I climbed to the base of. Well worth the detour. There were also hot pools at some point according to a couple of day walkers but we missed them, however you could smell the sulphur in the air. Either that, or there was something dead nearby.

It has been so lovely having such a leisurely tramp and relatively short distance. Nothing is hurting as a result (except my foot just a little.)

I am looking forward to tomorrow and am no longer intimidated by the reputation of Deception River.

Can now hear Morepork as well. This is magic.

Campsite night 137

(I have finally worked out how to transfer photos from my camera to phone wirelessly. It does affect the quality but at least I don't have to wait until I have my computer to post blogs with photos).

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