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Day 127 Testing River Crossings

Friday 14 February

Boyle Village to Windy Point

Start 9.45am

Finish 1.45pm

Distance 12km plus 1.3km to road

Total 2,072km

Steps 25,699

Elevation: Undulating with total climbing of about 200m

Weather: Slightly cloudy

A deliberately late start this morning to reach the road to coincide with Dave's arrival to pick me up and take me to Hanmer Springs for a couple of days. I thought the trail would just follow the river which runs along side Lewis Pass Road. But alas there were hills to climb, muddy pools to traverse, thistle fields to wrestle, gorse to avoid and rivers to cross.

All in all I was happy it was a short day with the prospect of a soak in a hot pool and proper bed.

The river crossings were mostly okay, with one where I deliberately chose to cross at a particularly swift and deep part. The purpose being to test how swift and deep it could be and still safely cross. If I had come off my feet it got shallow only a few metres down river, so I had a safety net. It gave me some more confidence about my ability, as the next section has a huge number of river crossings and the forecast for next week is for rain. I will also pack much more chocolate so I can sit out any raised rivers in a hut, and wait for them to go down.

Thistle Field

I am now in Hanmer Springs and have had a less than satisfactory meal, but I am feeling well fed and had lots of chocolate and fresh milk. Tomorrow I plan to do nothing.

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