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Day 126 Out of Umph and Chocolate 

Thursday 13 February After Anne hut to Boyle Village Start 7.35 am Finish 3.05pm Distance 23km Total 2,060km Steps 40,224 Elevation about 300m up, and 400m down Weather: overcast to start then sunny It should have been a relatively easy day today. There were no steep inclines, just a baby 100m at the beginning, and lots of very gentle down hill. The weather started overcast which kept it cool. But I wasn't feeling it today. It may have been that I ate the last of my chocolate yesterday and I was left with a small handful of fruit jubes and two jet planes to get me through the day. Alternatively it may be that in the last 6 days I have walked 123km and climbed about 3,450m in total. That's three marathons over two mountain passes. Personally I think it was the lack of chocolate.

Bridge to Nowhere

With so little sugar to get me through I devised a new game - how long can a fruit jube last. This was followed by the equally exciting game of how long a jet plane can last. The phrase small things and small minds comes to mind. For those with equally small minds its 6 minutes and 11 minutes respectively. The terrain was a mixture of bush and grasslands, and it was a pretty good track, so I was able to move fast. By the last 6km my left foot was giving me some significant grief. I stopped at a stream and soaked it for as long as I could bear the cold, then massaged it, and repeated this three times. With the help of some drugs (legit ones), it seemed to help enormously. Yesterday I noticed a lot of horse manure on the trail. I assumed from wild horses. Today there were signs saying "Horse Track". Knowing as I do that only a very few highly intelligent horses can read, I concluded the trail is shared with horses that have riders. I was proven correct about mid morning when a couple passed me in the opposite direction.

Now I don't want to be a tamping elitist, and I don't have anything against horses, in fact I would love to do a horse trek, however I do have a thing about the horse manure land mines left on the track. Particularly the very fresh ones. You have to keep a constant eye on where you are walking, and for the fresh land mines you have to cover your nose and mouth for fear of swallowing one of the dozens of swarming blow flies. Isn't there some kind of etiquette about shoveling it off the path? Maybe that's no feasible. I don't know, I'm not a horse person. I was even more surprised at the signs that said the horse track followed the river bed. Now I'm no expert on any shit, but we have an issue with cows in rivers (rightly so), so why the free reign (not a bad pun after a tiring day even if I say so myself) for horses? Anyway, I will get off my high horse (I'm on a role now), and amuse myself with the thought of watching a horse on a wire swing bridge. I'm in Boyle Village, staying at the Outdoor Pursuit Centre. Off to Hanmer Springs for the weekend tomorrow with hubby, soaking in the hot pools and at least one massage. Life on the trail is hard at times!

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