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Day 121 Why am I tired?

Saturday 8 February Tophouse Rd and SH65 junction to John Tait Hut Start 9.40am Finish 7.45pm Distance 31.5km Finish 1,868.5km Elevation 250m max Weather: sunny then cloudy with a few light showers I had my first real, proper fall today. Not off some spectacular cliff or down a dangerous mountain side. It was on a flat piece of track with no obvious trip hazards. It was all over before I could react. My foot caught in a tree root. I've done this many times before and ordinarily my walking poles would save me from the face plant. Unfortunately my foot remained wedged in said root throughout the spectacle, so the habit of stumbling forward and righting myself didn't work either. Instead, both poles flew out of my hands, one knee hit the deck first, then weirdly my forehead hit the ground around the same time as my hands. Full on proper face plant with the weight of a fully laden pack ensuring my momentum forward was impossible to stop. I was then a stuck. The foot was still in the root, and the pack had me pinned to the ground. I had to undo the straps and push the pack off before I could crawl backwards and release my foot. No blood and nothing broken so after dusting myself off and shaking my head in wonder, I carried on, very pleased there was no-one to watch.

NZ Alpine Daisy

This occurred within 10 minutes of the hut. I was tired and couldn't work out why. I have just had a couple of days rest and today's walking had minimal elevation and very well formed easy tracks. In writing the blog I have realised it may have something to do with the more than 30km I have walked. I hadn't realised the distance.

Me on the jetty at Lake Rotoiti

The first part of today was easy and went fast. Dave took me back to where he picked Chad and I up two days ago. The day was to start with an 8km road walk to St Arnaud. We left my pack in the car, and with the dog, walked the first 3.5km together. Dave then walked back to the car, I carried on with Lottie, and we all arrived in St Arnaud roughly the same time. It was a great way to do road walking which would normally be tedious. From there it is the incredibly pleasant walk down Black Valley Stream and then alongside Lake Rotoiti. I have done these walks many, many times, including participating in the Loop the Lake running event a couple of times.

St Arnaud Range

Then onto the equally easy walk to the John Tait Hut. I had my first glimpses of the magnitude of the mountains surrounding me, and tomorrow is a climb of over 1000m. I plan to be up early to tackle it. Fingers crossed the weather will be good and I stay upright all day.

When I arrived at the hut, although there weren't that many people it was very hot inside so I have decided to sleep in the tent. I have the sound of a river lulling me to sleep.

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