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Day 113 So worth the hard slog

Friday 31 January Rocks Hut to Starveall Hut Start 7.15 am Finish 6.40 pm Distance 20km Total 1,856km

Steps 30,993 Elevation up 1200m, down 700m Weather: Windy initially then sunny I'm exhausted but so exhilarated. The sunset over the mountains tonight was spectacular. Seeing nature like this is what this is about. I so, so, so love it. The day began very windy, as it had been all night. I had my earplugs in but the wind buffeting the hut still woke me. I was out the door by 7.15am as I had arranged to meet Chad at Hacket Hut at 1pm.

Track cairn at Starveall

I had expected the track to be relatively easy going from Rocks Hut however it was anything but. Not horrendous but very hard on my suffering left foot. A couple of stops to massage it, and I arrived at Hacket pretty much at 1pm on the dot. It was then the almighty climb to an elevation of 1,200m, starting at 250m. For the last hour I was wrecked. I don't know that Chad has ever tramped that slow before! I had warned him I'm slow, but I don't think he imagined this slow. But then we came out of the trees and the view was worth every bit of pain. Surrounded by steep, rocky mountains with the sun dropping in the sky giving the terrain a wonderful mellow orange glow.

Looking happy once I reached the top of Starveall

The sunset just kept getting better. I just sat in awe. At one point when I thought the best was over, I had gone back into the hut. Ten minutes later I went out to brush my teeth it was even better. I dragged Chad out of his sleeping bag to look. Not sure he will be so impressed when I drag him out again for the sunrise. It is so lovely to share it with someone. I'm lying in my sleeping bag with a big smile on my face. I'm in my very, very happy place.

Sunset from Starveall Hut

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