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Day 111 Familiar Territory

Wednesday 29 January Pelorus Bridge to Emerald Pool picnic site Start 4.35 pm Finish 8.40pm Distance 17km Total 1,821km Steps 30,882 Elevation Minimal Weather sunny with some cloud, and a welcome breeze. Today was a very late start. Deliberately so, with the intent of giving my feet as long a rest as possible and to tie in with Chontelle so she could drop me off on the way back to Blenheim. Picking up the pack with 8 days of food is very heavy. I think I will go out of my way to eat up large at the beginning!!!

The gorgeous Pelorus River

I hadn't done the 14km road walk from Pelorus Bridge to the beginning of the track during my break in Nelson as I had hoped. Feet were far too sore. So it had to be part of today. It wasn't too bad and I had expected I would see no one. So very wrong. Four others walking the road - a couple slightly in front of me who camped on the road side. A German guy who passed me, and an English girl who arrived at the campsite about 30 minutes after me. There are three of us squashed into a little picnic area. I guess this is what is to come from here on in. This part of the trail I am very familiar with, and it was 4 years ago that Chontelle and I tramped it and I first heard about the TA. My feet are doing okay. A bit sore but to be expected with new shoes and new orthotics in the left one. Bottom line I am just expecting my feet to be painful any time I walk. They have done 1,800km, and just have to do a mere 1,200km more. The Pelorus River is one of my favorite rivers. It is a stunning emerald colour and gin clear. That said it is incredibly low at the moment so I expect all the river crossings on this section to be pretty easy. The region really needs some rain. Just not for the next few days please. When I arrived at the campsite the guy made a comment that he was disappointed with the campsite. This is a flat picnic area, with a picnic table, next to a gorgeous deep swimming hole in amongst beautiful NZ native bush. He said it would be better if the area had some grass. I thought he was joking and laughed out loud. He wasn't!!! Seriously no pleasing some people!

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