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Day 11 Thankfully an Easy Day

Sunday 20 October 2019

Start 8.40am

Finish 3.15pm including 2 hour break

Today’s distance 19 km

Total 172 km

Stair flights 143

Steps 31,314

Weather Sunny with occasional clouds

A much easier day today. All road walking to the start of the next forests, Omahuta and Puketi. Due to Kauri dieback disease we are asked not to camp anywhere within these forests, so tomorrow has to be a hike all the way through both.

Back to today – it was all rather leisurely. The Mangamuka Dairy is on route so that was the first destination. It has become a bit of an icon destination on the trail offering burgers, fries, donuts, icecream and a place to rest weary feet. My choice of bacon, onion and cheese toastie sandwich followed with an orange choc chip icecream for morning tea was wonderful.

View over Mangamuka

Much of the group from the night before stayed around and chatted and its great to start to get to know some fellow hikers. There is Leon from Raglan – he is walking to Raglan, and then deciding if he will go further. Jess from the US, Sam and Laura from the UK, a couple from the Netherlands (sorry their names escape me), and Steph and Seb from Christchurch.

The Group at Mangamuka Dairy

The campsite we have arrived at is a lovely location on the edge of Omahuta forest, just past (or is that passed?), an enormous Kauri stump. Who ever thought it was a good idea to cut down such a magnificent tree is beyond me. The camping area is small and there would be room for only a couple of more tents. I don’t know how the trail is going to cope later in the season when it gets much busier.

Campsite night 11

I am looking forward to the Kauri forests tomorrow.

Giant Kauri stump (with Leon)

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