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Day 104 Got some mojo back

Wednesday 22 January

Portage to Smith's Farm Campsite (near Linkwater) Start 10.45am Finish 5.20pm Distance 24km Total 1,769km Elevation 600m Weather: mostly sunny, with some cloud It was a truly leisurely start today. I slept a solid 10 hours, not waking until 7.30am. I had promised myself yesterday that I would not check out until the 10am required time so I could take it easy. I had a full cooked breakfast with the works, and made sure I ate it all. That is with the exception of the tomatoes. Can't stomach them no matter the cause.

During breakfast I discovered the hotel takes luggage across to the water taxi the other side of the peninsula over the saddle, which is right by where I left the trail yesterday. The idea of walking 700m, up a 200m incline just to get back to the trail had been bugging me. Before I knew it I opened my mouth and I had a lift in the truck. Desperation makes you ask for things you normally wouldn't. So having saved myself what was probably an extra 45 minutes hard walking off trail, I was very happy to go with their time frame and have a lift. The first part of the actual trail was also uphill and initially I thought the rest and food hadn't done the trick. I was slow and lethargic. That was until I came across some day hikers without packs who made me look like I was Speedy Gonzales. (You remember! The Fastest Mouse in all Mexico!). I cut myself a break, it changed my mindset, and low and behold I started enjoying myself again. May have also helped that I started the long and steady descent. I had forgotten quite how picturesque the Marlborough Sounds really is. I am walking through bays I haven't visited in years and I have promised myself I will regularly come back after this little walk. Funny how you stop exploring your own back yard. It is only a short drive from home.

Initially I thought I would camp at Davies Bay Campsite, but I was still feeling pretty good so carried on to Anakiwa where a well deserved icecream was in order. I was somewhat disappointed there was no cafe, but the icecream had helped and I walked the further 4km to Smith's Farm Campsite, near Linkwater. It is a delightful place. On arrival I was offered an iced water and a freshly baked banana muffin. Then to my absolute delight there was a portable pizza oven cart. Dinner sorted.

Queen Charlotte Sound

So I am now well fed, showered and relaxing in my tent. Ordinarily I would relax on the grass outside the tent but South Island's notorious sandflies have made their presence felt. One of the minor disadvantages of family campgrounds is the close proximity of other tents. I have had to put in my ear plugs to block out the constant loud bickering from the tent next door. I am sorely tempted to call out "For God's sack I will do the bloody dishes!!" I have restrained myself - barely. I am becoming a grumpy old woman, who has been spoiled with amazing views all day!

Campsite night 104

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