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Day 103 Hit the Wall

Tuesday 21 January Eatwell Lookout to Portage Start 8.10am Finish 1.20pm Distance 17km (plus 1.5 extra to get from Lookout and to Portage as both off trail.)

Steps 29,491 Total 1,745km Elevation approx 500m Weather: started cloudy then very hot Today I hit the wall. It started well, getting up to see the sunrise which was worth the effort. About 10 minutes after the sun rose, the low clouds came in obliterating the view. I decided to crawl back into the sleeping bag. In view of the fact I was up and about at 5.45am initially, I didn't actually get my sorry arse actually walking until 8.10am. Despite the leisurely start my legs still didn't want to work.

Sunrise with the moon still in the sky
Sunrise from Eatwell Lookout
The clouds coming over

Mid morning the clouds rolled back, and the day became one of those stunning, very hot summer days we get in the Marlborough region. Fun if you are at the beach. Less fun walking along an undulating ridgeline. You can see the water, and it is beautiful, you are just 300m to 400m above it. I stopped for a break at about 11.30 am and decided at that point I was only going as far as Portage. A place slightly off trail, but down hill, and with amenities (bed and proper food), and right on the beach.

Kenepuru Sound looking back to Eatwell Lookout (high point on the right).

So here I am, arriving at 1.20pm and being eternally grateful for a vacancy. Having eaten up large, I had a Nana nap for a couple of hours, and I have just eaten some more. Hopefully this will restore my energy for tomorrow. Or I might stay on this beach all day tomorrow! Sounds tempting.

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