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Day 102 Beautiful Marlborough Sounds

Monday 20 January Schoolhouse Bay to Eatwell Lookout Start 7.35am Finish 6.40pm ( included 2 long stops on the beaches) Distance 28km (plus a little extra to the lookout which is off trail) Total 1,729 Steps 47,181 Elevation approx 700m Weather: started overcast , then stunning What a gorgeous day in a gorgeous place. I have just watched the sunset over Kenepuru Sounds from Eatwell Lookout. Beautiful. I am camped at the Lookout as I want to also catch the sunrise in the morning. This has views both east and west. It does mean I will get minimal sleep as there isn't actually any flat space for a tent. But it's worth it. I have pitched the tent in a hollow as it was better than sliding off the hill.

Sunset over Kenepuru Sound from Eatwell Lookout

I hadn't intended to walk this far today but when I was taking a couple of hours to enjoy the beach just before Punga Cove, I realized I could get both a sunrise and sunset from this point, and the weather was perfect. Too good an opportunity to pass up. I was just hoping that no-one else had the same idea and that there would be the smallest of places to put up my tent. Well the tent is up, even if it is a bit wonky, and I am alone. Perfection.

The hills of Kenepuru turning blue
The hills of Kenepuru Sound then turning orange
The North Island in the distance from Eatwell Lookout

The track was great today. There is of course the amazing scenery. Bay after bay of deep green and blue sea, surrounded in lush native bush. Added to this, the trail is easy to walk. There was a fair bit of climbing but it is all steady and gradual gradients. Then there was the long morning break at Furneaux Lodge for a large bowl of wedges and an icecream which helped with energy levels. 10.30 am is not too early for such a treat.

Big Bay Beach

This was followed by a leisurely afternoon with a couple of hours on a beach at Big Bay. I thought of going for a swim but chickened out. Went up to my knees. I know - I'm a wuss. So time to try and get some sleep and fingers crossed for a lovely sunrise.

Campsite night 102

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