• Kay

Day 1 Nailed It!

Start 1.20pm

Finish 4.35pm

Distance 12km

Steps 20,307

Feeling :)

Granted it was only 12km, but that felt surprisingly easy. I say that hesitantly because the first few kms were done on nerves and adrenaline, and I know it will get a great deal harder.

There was also a variety of terrain which helped. A long down hill to start as I descended to Te Werahi Beach. Absolutely stunning views. I met my first fellow TAers right at the start sign, Robyn and Trev.

Looking back to the lighthouse at Cape Reinga

Saw the first seal of the trip. Thought it was dead - it wasn't which gave me a bit of a fright as I was rather close to it. Lesson learnt. The weather was changeable and thankfully the forecast of heavy rain and wind didn't eventuate except for one small bit.

The not so dead seal

There were fields of flowering dwarf manuka

Started at Cape Reinga in the mist, then sun, then howling wind and rain (luckily only for a short time), then sun and now it is overcast. I arrived at Twilight camp to about 10 people already here. Introduced myself to Kathrine simply as Kay and she responded asking "Kay Chapman?". Picking my jaw up from the ground she reminded me we worked together for a short time at NMIT in Nelson. What are the chances of that! Also just met Pete her partner.

The rain and wind starting

The heavy rain on its way

Putting up the tent for the first time was a breeze, which was reassuring. Here's hoping it stays up all night and is actually waterproof as rain and wind overnight is forecast. Day 1 nailed and feeling pretty excited.Ninety Mile Beach starts tomorrow!

Dusk at Twilight Camp

Accommodation on night 1

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