Gear in bags.jpg
ZPack Arc Scout 50lt pack
Zpack sleeping bag and liner
Zpack Plexamidtent 
Food and cooking gear
Zpack Plexamidtent 
Toilet things
Camp sandals
Wet weather gear
Sleeping mat
Camera tripod

I was aiming for base weight of 7kg to start with, then moved the target to 6kg. Base weight is the weight of everything you carry, less food and water. I had managed to get it to 5.2kg, then fatally  went to a photography class, got back my passion for photography so decided a phone camera just wouldn't cut it, bought a good camera with tripod and added an extra 2.6kg to the base weight!!


I have done a load of research on ultralight hiking - but cannot for the life of me work out how you can go under 5kg (the definition for ultralightweight), and still be warm, dry, safe and even vaguely comfortable. It did have the benefit of making me actually look very closely at what I do take, weigh everything, and more importantly what I don’t take.


My sleeping bag is to a -9 degrees, 3 season one. I sleep cold, and was not prepared to compromise on that. Particularly having read blogs of previous TA trampers that have reported snow in February. Merino is chosen for clothing because it is warm and tends to not smell as much!


Here is a spreadsheet and photos of all the gear I am taking.

Gear camp shoes.jpg
Sandals for evening and towns
All my gear except water bladder and camera
Gear pack clothes.jpg
Merino longjohns (top and bottom)
Leggings and t-shirt for evenings an town
Merino hat
Merino underwear
Icebreaker Merino mid layer
Mont-Bell Down Jacket
Merino gloves
Gear day items.jpg
Pee rag
Blister tape
Shampoo / soap bar
Toilet paper
Hand sanitizer
Blister plasters
Gear wet weather.jpg
Packed clothes
Wet weather gear. Including an umbrella - primarily for photography in the rain
Gear sleeping.jpg
Zpack sleeping bag and liner
Unfortunately I can't take her
Sleeping mat
Gear wearing.jpg
Gear food and cooking.jpg
Food and cooking equipment for the first 4 days, excluding fresh wraps and salami
Clothes being worn
Gear list 1.PNG
Gear list 2.PNG
Gear list 3.PNG